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www. address and registered trademark "novelheroes" is owned by ATT Basin Yayin Rekl. Org. Ins. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti., which carries out its activities at Yalı Mah. Küçükyalı Cad. Kuyu Sokak No:4/1 Maltepe/Istanbul.           ATT Basin Yayin Rekl. Org. Ins. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. and provide their services as "hosting provider" in accordance with law no. 5651. The content created by authors on our website is not subject to any preliminary review and they are published directly by the authors. As long as there is no complaint, we do not have any obligation to check the compliance of content with the law. However, novelheroes is attentive to ensure compliance of the content with law and therefore carefully evaluates each application made.


www. is a social media platform and an online dictionary/encyclopedia where members can share articles on "Heroes of Novel, Story, Poetry, Painting, Sculpture, Cinema, Theater, TV Series / Movies, Cartoon / Animation, Music, Comic and Computer Games" and interact with each other. Anyone who joins our website, who becomes a Member or NH Author, or who uses our website, uploads the content by sending written, visual, audio or any other material not mentioned here shall be deemed to have read and accepted the following terms. This agreement is subject to change without notice by novelheroes unilaterally. Continuing to use this website after any amendment will mean acceptance of the amendments on agreement, so we recommend you to check the agreement text at certain intervals.

The rights and obligations specified in this agreement with the words "novelheroes", "" and "" are owned by ATT Basin Yayin Rekl. Org. Ins. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.


1.1. According to the law, NH Authors and Members must have the ability to distinguish.

1.2. In order to become a member, you need to provide the requested information. Once this process is completed, an activation e-mail will be sent to you by You can activate your membership by clicking on the link provided or by using the password.

1.3. NH Authors and Members are obliged to provide information such as their identity information, telephone information, address, e-mail, IP number, if requested.


2.1. Members will be able to write the first article by adding the heroes they have created under "My Heroes" section and write questions they want to ask about the culture, arts and literature in the "Question Answer" section and they will get answers from other authors and members. They will also initiate discussions on historical or current events by focusing on characters in cultural, artistic and literature works. They will be able to make application to become an author in "NH Encyclopedia", where they can access other articles. makes no commitment regarding the evaluation criteria, preferred methods, or duration of members' acceptance as an author.

2.2. NH Authors are members who have the right to write articles in NH Encyclopedia section. The right and authority to decide who will be granted NH Author status belong to the administration of novelheroes. Novelheroes administration has the right to remove this status whenever it requires and without any justifications, as well as the right to provide the "NH Author" status to those who have not yet become a member but whom the administration considers as competent in culture, arts and literature and who may be able to give objective and accurate information about the encyclopedia articles.

2.3. Any ideas or thoughts NH Authors or Members will declare on the website are entirely their own personal views and they merely bind themselves. No political propaganda can be made on the website. Any written, visual or audio materials considered as "crime" by laws, or with a content considered as racism, violence or pornography, violates human and animal rights, threatens society, harms public morals and legitimacy, insults or threatens certain political views and beliefs cannot be uploaded to the website.

2.4. NH Authors or Members agree that no written, visual or audio content which are considered as crime, which violate the laws, which are against the public morality, fundamental rights and freedoms or copyright will be added into the website, that they know this fact, and in case they upload any content that do not follow these rules, they will be personally responsible. Authors and Members will have the opportunity to become friends and send messages to each other on, and therefore they are obliged to follow the rules mentioned in this agreement regarding the use of website for such purposes. NH Authors or Members are obliged to compensate administration for any charges and monetary penalties addressed to regarding any shares they make that violate the rules, including the legal claims. The generated content is published by granting all responsibility to the Member or Author publishing it. Legal responsibility begins as soon as the content is published. For this reason, the deleted content will not cease the responsibility.

2.5. Complaint: Members and other authors have the right to "complain" regarding the posts, the written / visual / audio material they upload to the site. The related content can be complained by using the "Complain" button under the "..." tab in the upper right corner of the posts made on the site. In such a situation, examines the content of the relevant complaint within 24 hours and deletes the content if the complaint is justified. Deletes the Membership / Authorship record in case the same share is repeated or similar. Apart from the complaints button, the members and nh Authors can reach from the "communication" tab on the site ( or by calling 0216 371 17 37.

2.6. does not make any commitment that the data (text, comments, messages, notes, visuals and similar content) on the website will not be partially or completely lost. Therefore, will no be liable for any loss or corruption of data due to any reason. If you are concerned about data loss, we recommend you back up your data at 

2.7. NH Authors or Members, cannot make any direct or indirect advertising or promotional, commercial mobile or interactive applications within

2.8. NH Authors or Members accept and undertake not to access or use any other author's, member's, or user's private, confidential programs, files, information or areas with similar content without permission. Otherwise, any legal and criminal liability arising from these will belong to them.

2.9. NH Authors or Members accept the right of administration to stop or temporarily suspend or cancel the provided services and materials without any justification and unilaterally.

2.10. NH Authors or Members may not engage in any activity that prevents or complicates for others to use; and they cannot overload and lock the servers or databases with automated programs. Otherwise, any legal and criminal liability arising out of this situation shall belong to them.

2.11. NH Authors or Members can always access to and update their personal information.

2.12. Members are also authorized to delete any written, visual or audible material, text or comments they publish. The deleted data and material will not be used by and will not be transferred to third parties in the future. However, in order to benefit from this protection it is imperative that the item the applicant wishes to delete has been deleted from the circulation to the third parties. Otherwise, and its administrators are not responsible for controlling, recovering, deleting, getting deleted and supervise.

2.13. NH Authors cannot delete the articles they have written at "NH Encyclopedia" section of without the written approval of However, they can make reasonable changes, such as adding information and correcting erroneous information.



NH Authors or Members acknowledge and agree that the comments,  written, visual and audible materials they upload to are the sole property of them and that they have the rights and powers to use, distribute, and offer them as authorized. Otherwise, NH Authors or Members commit that they are responsible for all kinds of legal pursuits and claims against and the authorized persons and that they will compensate any damages that might occur on and the authorized persons.


4.1. NH Authors or Members hereby agree, declare and undertake that, regarding the written, visual or audio intellectual and industrial works that they upload to website and therefore declaring as theirs, that they assign the rights below to for free and in a way to be transferred for third people without any limitations on location, time and number: Article 21 of Law of Intellectual Property Rights on processing, Article 22 on reproduction, Article 23 on distribution, Article 24 on representation and Article 25 on public transmission via instruments for all types of signs, audio and/or images, along with all financial rights thereof.

4.2. NH Author or Member may compile and use the content published in novelheroes in any manner he/she wishes to; and if he/she wishes to publish the content published on in another website, he/she has to provide active link to The use of "novelheroes" trademark is subject to the written permission of ATT Basin Yayin Rekl. Org. Ins. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.   

4.3. As long as the content generated by NH Authors or Members are published on novelheroes, ATT Basin Yayin Rekl. Org. Ins. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.    shall have the right to use such content for commercial purposes under trademarks and / or other websites in its possession and in all media where it considers appropriate. In order to prevent this, NH Authors have to delete the content they do not wish to be used or they have to close their accounts. However, these actions are only for prospective and will not give any rights to the Author and members to delete their articles and contents, to request copyright or any similar rights. Reproduction or distribution of previously published works is therefore always possible.

4.4. Any comments, writings, visual and audio content published in the novelheroes is deemed to be owned by NH Author or Member or that the rights of use within the context of Law of Intellectual Property Rights belongs to them. It is possible for NH Authors or Members to publish any content that do not belong to them as long as they are in compliance with the restrictions in law and they refer to origin. Otherwise, the author or Member will be liable for any damages that may be caused on and authorized people.

4.5. NH Author or Member undertakes that he/she will not use the material and data he/she watched, obtained and downloaded from for other purposes, cannot make those subject to trade and will not transfer to third parties.


5.1. services record the IP addresses of the users connected to the system in the website on the basis of the connection date, time and the requested address and / or pages from the system and this information must be retained for a minimum of one year due to legal obligation. This information is key for solving system security and possible user problems, and is not related with the personal information of user.

5.2. The user's contact information allows the user to be reached when necessary. Confirmation of membership and confirmation of any changes on information will be confirmed by messages sent through e-mail. will send its members an e-mail whenever necessary, provided that they do not exceed the limits set by the terms of use.

5.3. No specific data such as contact information, age, occupation, gender of NH Authors or Members are shared with third parties and institutions by unless the legal obligations to do so and our terms on Protection of Personal Data on website. The information shared by NH Authors or Members on their own profile pages and opened for access to third parties are not included.


6.1. systems have elaborated to take all necessary precautions regarding security. All user accounts are password protected. In case NH Authors or Members forget their passwords, new passwords will be sent to their e-mail addresses. For security reasons, passwords will not be sent to other addresses except for the email address where the user is registered.

6.2. NH Author or Members cannot make piracy attacks, virus download, security fraud, etc. on the website.

6.3. For the safety of the information on the website, does its best. NH Authors or Members agree that has no obligation other than liability, in cases where the companies that provide hosting and similar services cannot provide security or is illegally accessed, novelheroes will have no liability for any direct or indirect losses.

6.4. gives great importance on the security of website and its members and users. In spite of this, sometimes piracy might be an issue regarding membership. In order not to encounter with a security problem, the following safety precautions must be observed.

6.5. Safety Precautions:

  • NH Authors or Members must implement frequent virus scanning on their computers, update the antivirus programs periodically, and they should not open files received from MSN, e-mail and/or other unidentified persons.
  • Passwords must be generated from challenging combinations, such as upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. It should be kept in mind that predictable passwords such as date of birth, name, sequential letters or numbers, and the name of the favorite sports team can easily be confiscated.
  • E-mail addresses and passwords must not be entered into non-corporate personal sites, blogs or unrecognized domains except e-mail providers (yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc.).
  • If a public computer is used (workplace or Internet cafe), users should click on "Logout" after they are done at website. Using this method instead of closing the browser will prevent malevolent use by third persons who might login by using same computer and access to NH Author or Members page.
  • may always make new notifications about this.



7.1          Istanbul Anadolu Courthouse courts and execution offices are authorized for solving any discrepancies that may arise from the execution of provisions above and the legal relations, and law of Republic of Turkey will apply.

7.2. administration may develop, amend, and update any of the above conditions at any time.

7.3. The e-mail address reported to by NH Authors or Members is the legal address for any notices to be made.


NH Authors or Members accept they have read all of the above provisions, conditions and limitations and care obligations and they are aware of the content and accept all of it.

This Terms of Use and User Agreement is updated on 28.08.2018