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About Us

“The characters in the novel are familiar to us; they are one of us... They are the type of people who live among us and we can see in our everyday life at our homes, on the street, at our workplaces, in a cafe, at the sea, in books, songs, poems, films, at the theatre or on a bus."

About us

Novel Heroes assumes the role of a social media site where posts focusing on "heroes/characters" are made and which also allows the members to create their own archives and social circles based on their interests.  The inspiration for our idea was the magazine Roman Kahramanları.  

Our mission

Novel Heroes provides you with categories in which you can produce content such as Novel, Story, History, Epic, Tale, Mythology, Poem, Painting/Sculpture, Cinema, Theater, TV Series, Cartoon/Animation, Music, Photography, Caricature and Games. The purpose of Novel Heroes which is an international social media and encyclopaedia is to open the doors to inter-cultural communication and to allow access to good quality information with ease and fun.

What can you do at NH?

  • You can view the related posts in the NH Encyclopedia and Wall sections on the Home Page, and display the related posts on the site by searching the words you wish on the search bar.  
  • You can link your posts with the posts of others and make them viewable by everyone by using #hashtags. Tagging is also one of the most unique ways to make your posts visible.
  • We believe that the NH Encyclopaedia articles will be offering us the chance to introduce and discuss knowledge in every aspect of life. You can access the Encyclopaedia articles in alphabetical order and view all posted heroes together. You can also list the heroes that share a common category or tag.
  • NH also aims at forming an encyclopaedia writers group. If you want to be a part of this group, you have the chance to communicate your wish to us by clicking “I want to be a NH Writer”. It is not sufficient to be a member only in order to contribute to the NH Encyclopaedia section; you need to be one of our writers.   
  • After becoming a member, you can post anything on the Wall and you can view the posts of the people you are following. You can also like the posts or comment on them.
  • Only our members can use the Form a Group feature. Companies, schools, education institutions, enterprises and non-governmental organizations can also become members and form groups. You can send private bulk messages to your group members and use this section privately for your group by making posts and announcements and sharing information.
  • You can follow the members and exchange messages with them. You can block or unfollow your followers or the people you follow in case of any disturbance.