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This is the clarification and consent text regarding the processing of personal data obtained during Membership to and becoming a BH Author.


1. Data Responsible

In accordance with Law No. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data (Law No. 6698), your personal data will be collected and processed by (ATT Basin Yayin Rekl. org. Ins. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.) as the data responsible under the following context.    

2. Purposes of Processing of Personal Data

Your collected personal data will be processed within the terms and purposes of processing personal data as indicated in articles 5 and 6 of Law No. 6698 by for the fulfillment of services provided to you in accordance with membership, for to provide benefit to its users, to send electronic messages, and in order to implement research, planning, data processing, statistical analyzes and advertisements regarding the users of

3. To Whom and For Which Purposes the Processed Personal Data to be Transferred

Your collected personal data may be transferred to Att Basim Yayin Rekl. Org. Ins. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti., our direct / indirect domestic / foreign subsidiaries; our servers operating in Turkey or abroad and to requesting public authorities as required by law, only for the realization of purposes stated above.       In addition, such information can be transferred by to applications and platforms that provide digital marketing (e.g. USA resident companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), to companies that provide analytical data processing services (e.g. USA resident company Google Analytics service) and to the branches, agencies and franchises of these companies and to infrastructure providers of such companies and they can be processed by these persons in order to fulfill the purposes stated above.  Your personal data can also be transferred between different platforms within and your personal data contained in these platforms may be combined and processed.

4. Method of Collecting Personal Data and Legal Reason

Your personal data is gathered through our website, mobile site and mobile application or via the information you have sent to us through SMS, e-mail or other means; including the definition system path which is named as "cookies" that helps our computers to automatically recognize you when you visit our website; also including verbal, written or electronic data either as part of a data recording system or not. The personal data collected by the legal reasons mentioned above can be processed and transmitted for purposes stated in articles 2 and 3 of this Clarification within the scope of personal data processing conditions and purposes stated in articles 5 and 6 of Law No. 6698.

5. Your Rights as the Owner of Personal Data

 You can send your requests regarding your rights indicated in Article 11 of Law No. 6698 to and your request will be finalized within 30 days latest, depending on its qualification. If the transaction also requires a cost, will charge you with a fee according to the price list determined by the Board of Protection of Personal Data.

Within this scope, owners of personal data have the rights to;

  • Learn whether their personal data is processed or not,
  • Ask for information about their personal data if it has been processed, to learn the purpose of personal data processing and whether it is used appropriately in accordance with its purpose or not.
  • Know the third parties to whom their personal data is transferred in or out of the country,
  • Request correction of personal data in cases it is incomplete or improperly processed, and request that the transaction carried out in this context be notified to the third parties to whom personal data are transmitted,
  • Request the deletion or cancellation of personal data in cases when the reasons for its processing have ceased although they have been processed in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 6698 and other related provisions and request that the transaction carried out in this context be notified to the third parties to whom personal data are transmitted,
  • Object to any results against them by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems,
  • To claim damages if they are in a loss due to their personal data being processed in violation of the law.


Any discrepancies that may occur between and Members, NH Authors and users regarding this clarification and consent text will be subject to the authority of Courts and Execution Offices at Istanbul Anadolu Courthouse and the Law of Turkish Republic will apply. Anyone who is a member of an/or NH Author is deemed to accept this text and terms. reserves the right to make changes in this text in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and other secondary legislation. From time to time, this text may be amended by uploading updated versions on our website. We encourage you to visit our website frequently to be aware of these changes. 

This text was updated on 28.08.2018.



Novel Heroes "Cookie" Policy

Cookies are identification files placed by websites into your computer. They are used by websites to recognize you and to offer customized services for you. There are two types of cookies depending on their validity period. Temporary cookies are formed during your visit to the website and are active for the duration of your visit of the website. Temporary cookies are deleted from your computer when you leave the website. Permanent cookies are formed when you visit the website and are stored on your computer until their expiration date. Permanent cookies are formed to provide you with a customized experience the next time you visit the website.

Cookies consist of simple text files placed in your browser by the websites you visit and do not contain identification and any other personal information. Although cookies do not contain such personal information, the session information and similar data are anonymously stored and can be used to identify you again and for similar services. Throughout the period you use Novel Heroes, it may be possible to place cookies and other similar items in your browser. As you continue to use our website without changing cookie settings, you allow us to use cookies.

In Novel Heroes, cookies are generally used to help you provide better and more personalized service and also to improve our website. Our cookie usage purposes are as follows:

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  • Display advertisements on different browsers and devices used by the same person and measure the results
  • Personalize content and advertisements
  • Keep your account, your data, and Novel Heroes products safe
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  • Analyze the traffic of Novel Heroes and determine how you use our website

How can you manage or delete cookies?

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Our cookie policy was updated on 28.08.2018.